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Plumbing Tips for Your Outside Faucets and Drains

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Outside Faucets and Drains

When people are dealing with their outdoor plumbing, they should ensure that they are looking after these areas properly. Otherwise, they may need to spend money to get everything fixed. However, these tips are great for every person who wants to know how to maintain their outdoor faucets and drains.

Some Outdoor Faucet Tips for You

  1. Look at the hose bibs and ensure that the water is flowing freely. When someone is looking at a faucet, and they notice that it is barely dripping or there is a leak, they will need to look at their pipes. There is a possibility that a pipe is cracked and will need to be repaired.
  2. In colder climates, every person should winterize their pipes. Otherwise, they will end up with cracked, frozen pipes that need to be replaced.
  3. Sometimes, people notice that the water pressure for their outdoor faucet is inconsistent, meaning that it is fine one day and better the next. If this happens, the pipe should be checked for any debris.

What About Clogged Outdoor Drain Tips?

  1. All drains, downspouts, and gutters should be free of leaves and debris.
  2. Also, window wells should be checked for any leaves of debris.
  3. Sometimes, birds will build a nest in plumbing vent pipes, so people should check these and ensure they are not there. A typical place for them is the pip from the dryer to the outside.
  4. Roots can grow inside drains, which is why people will buy products to help slow their growth. However, before using any product, they should check the dosage first.

People Who Have a Septic Should Follow These Tips

  1. Septic tanks need to be properly looked after, so they should be inspected and pumped every three to five years. This will help prevent people from replacing their filter fields. No one will want to spend $3,000 – $7,000 if they don’t need to.
  2. People should look into products that help maintain a healthy system in their septic tank. There are plenty of products out there, but people should only use ones appropriate for the job.
  3. A septic system should have regular maintenance visits. All permits, repairs, pump mechanisms, and inspections are thoroughly completed. No one should leave their septic tanks to worsen.
  4. Keep all relevant information about the tank’s location and permit in a handy place. When someone needs to look at the septic tank, they should ensure that they are ready to go immediately.


When it comes to outdoor drains and faucets, people should always look after them properly. The reason is that it is expensive to repair or replace them, but when they are properly maintained, it is less likely to happen. There are many interesting tips and tricks that people should look into when they are learning more about their outdoor system.

Overall, the right care will keep drains and faucets in a better condition than just leaving them to their own devices.